From ship to shore our first-rate crew is experienced and ready to serve our mission of providing the highest level of service in the marine towing and salvage industry.

Capt. Cory Offutt

Owner and Founder

Founded Biscayne Towing & Salvage/TowBoatU.S. Miami in 1992.

You know you're a tow boat captain when: "A handheld radio and cell phone are required equiment to take with you to shower and shave.


Capt. Peter Hargreaves

Senior Captain

A golden shellback and blue nose, has been with the company for 19 years and has towed around much of the caribbean.

You know you're a tow boat captain when: "Your life melds with the rythym of the tow — then you realize that you have achieved nirvana.


Captain Kyle Queen

Captain Oscar Claros

Captain Bret Lyons

Captain Jarvis Osorio

Captain Lance De La Motte


Stefany Martinez - Office Manager

Daisy Napier - Dispatcher

Freel Gaspard - Deck Hand

Gilbert McClean - Deck Hand